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(1-08-09) Art Exhibit, Book Launch and Re-Opening of F*ART Gallery

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Art Exhibit, Book Launch and Re-Opening of F* ART Gallery on January 8

World class Filipino talents will grace the re-opening of F*ART Fashion Art Gallery on Thursday, January 8 at 5pm.

Cheryl Villanueva-Hironaka , a renowned furniture designer and painter who has held exhibits in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Manila, will present her furniture creations and painting illustrations for a children's book entitled Martine's Dilemma.

Primavera Santos, the author of Martine's Dilemma based in Los Angeles, USA, will hold a book launch and signing on the re-opening party. The author's niece, Martine, who lives in Australia, will also attend the event.

Superb comedians Mike Unson and Uli Oposa will also be at the event to delightfully tickle the funny bones of the Martine’s Dilemma crowd.

Q and A interview with Ms. Cheryl Villanueva- Hironaka

Q 1: What makes this exhibit different from others you've had?

CVH: On this exhibit I’ll present illustrations used for a children’s book titled Martine’s Dilemma and a live art installation that will complement the exhibit. It will be different and fun. There will also be a book launch for Martine’s Dilemma during the opening party. Primavera Santos, the author of Martine’s Dilemma, will be present during the opening party to sign books. The book will be available for sale at the exhibit.

Q 2: How long have you been into painting? What got you into painting?

CVH: I’ve been painting since I learned to touch paint as a toddler, as every child who went to pre-school fingerpainting. But I started seriously painting when I moved to Paris in 1995. I was inspired by what I saw in museums and the beauty of the city. I was just learning French at the Sorbonne so I had plenty of free time to explore. I painted but never really showed my work to anyone. It was all very private because I was embarrassed that my style is very na├»ve. One day my classmate, Chizu, who is a Japanese artist already exhibiting at that time, came over to my apartment and unexpectedly stumbled upon my work and fell in love with it. She told me that I should share my work and start exhibiting and that she would present my portfolio to a gallery in Tokyo. Of course, I had no idea how to build a portfolio so she helped me create one. The gallery invited me to show in Tokyo back in 2000. Although prior to that, I had the opportunity to exhibit my furniture in a Paris library in Places des Vosges called Gallery Vivendi.

Q 3: Who is your inspiration when it comes to painting?

CVH: I am easily inspired by everything. I appreciate everything, so I love all art. I have a very eclectic taste in all things like music, furniture, antiques, design, art, architecture, etc. My absolute favorite artists would be Miro, Gaudi, Pegeen Vail (daughter of Peggy Guggenheim whose art I fell in love with in the Guggenheim in Venice!), Jean Helion (husband of Pegeen), Napoleon Bonaparte, Lao Lianben, Tim Burton, Yayoi Kusama, Shiro Kuramata, Jean Prouve, Jean Nouvel, Charlotte Perriand, Tadao Ando, Kisho Kurakawa, Coco Chanel, Woody Allen, Sophia Coppola, Rembrant, Ingres, Van Gogh, Le Corbusier, Tom Dixon, Philippe Starck, Bill Viola, Chuck Close, Delibes, Mozart, Bono…

Q 4: Describe your personal style.

CVH: I love very classical styles but used in a casual, random, almost accidental way such as using precious objects but presenting it like junk. I love to mix everything, compose things with humor and fun. I like displaying and wearing things in unconventional ways. I dislike convention and following trends. I like to mix things old and new, modern and antique, Asian and European, East and West.

Q 5: Aside from this upcoming exhibit, what other projects keep you busy?

CVH: My children are always my main priority. They keep me well occupied and entertained to the point of exhaustion. I also enjoy pottery, which really relaxes me. I probably made everything we use in our household. I like creating useful objects. I’ve also been busy writing a book for an artist, painter. I’m also designing a new line of mirrored scones and preparing for another exhibit in Ginza, Tokyo. I’m also designing furniture and doing the interior decoration of a private residence. In the future, I’d like to translate Martine’s Dilemma in French and have it published in France.

Q 6: Any tips for art enthusiasts, those who want to become an artist like you?

CVH: I think it’s necessary to believe in what you love and to appreciate everything that surrounds us-all of creation. It’s also important to know that how you see things isn’t how others view them. Art is an expression of our individuality. We are all unique. We are all different which is what makes life and art so interesting and fascinating. In saying this, there is also a sort of down side, you will always have critics, people who will not appreciate your aesthetic. It’s just a natural phenomenon. This shouldn’t influence you to start pleasing or giving your audience what they want, to start creating because that’s what people want. You should only create that which pleases you. It’s very easy to be influenced by society.


Cocktails will be served during the re-opening party. Admission is free. Martine's Dilemma-illustratio ns for a children's book exhibit-will run until February 8 at F*ART gallery. F*ART, the home of Filipino talents, is located at 24 K-D cor. K-1st, Kamuning, QC. Gallery hours are Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information, please contact F*ART gallery 412-7311 or visit the website http://happyfart. com/ .

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